• Collision Repair

    Have you been in an accident?  Have you damaged your hood, bumper, or fender in a wreck? While a minor accident may sound insignificant, body shops define it as an auto repair costing less than $5,000.

    • What's the difference between minor & major repairs?
  • Paint

    We paint your car using the best paint products available.

    • We use DuPont paint for the highest quality paint jobs.
  • Local Business

    We've been supporting the local economy for 57 years, so do you want to do business with a local business or a big chain?

    • You decide

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  • Painting
    The last major step in collision repair is painting the vehicle.  We use an extensive preparation process and high quality paints for a factory finish.  We match the paint to your vehicle and blend the paint into adjacent doors and fenders when needed to ensure the repair. Painting a car to mirror a factory automotive paint finish requires […] Details
  • Repair Process
    Perdue’s Repair Process We have always wanted our customer’s to be able to get back to normal as quickly as possible, because we know life doesn’t stop when cars do. This has resulted in a fine-tuned collision repair process that both maximizes the quality and streamlines the repair of every vehicle we handle. So from […] Details